Fundraising Seller Tips

Affy Tapple has been helping organizations successfully manage fundraisers to meet their goals for more than 50 years. Here are a few tips to help you in planning and executing a profit-generating fundraiser.

Set a Fundraising Goal

It is important that you have a goal that everyone in the organization can be charged with meeting or exceeding.

Give Participants an Added Incentive

Giving awards to top fundraisers can give an added incentive for participants to deliver great sales figures.

Choose the Right Sales Method for Your Organization

We offer two ways to sell Affy Tapple products for your fundraiser. Choose the method that fits your needs:
  • Pre-Sale: Buy Affy Tapples direct and them sell them at your event. We recommend this method for sporting events, school assemblies and other high attendance events.
  • Pre-Sell: Distribute our Affy Tapple fundraising form to all of your fundraising team members. Fundraisers take orders and collect the money when orders are placed. When all of the order sheets are returned, add up all the cases you need to order and place your order online!

Offer Product Variety

If you are doing a direct purchase we suggest you pick a few perennial favorites like cases of Caramel Apples with Nuts and Plain Caramel Apples. Combine those with some confections to offer variety (Should we mention things left offer that don't spoil)

Price it Right

Use our profit calculator to determine the right suggested sales price for each item to maximize your sales opportunity. Our Fundraising Experts can assist if you need recommendations.

Save on Delivery Fees:

: We offer two great ways to get our product that require no fees.
  • Order 20 cases or more and we will deliver for free. View our delivery area to see if you qualify.
  • .
  • Place an order for 10 cases or more and we can have it ready for you at our Factory Store. If you are seeking less than 10 cases come on in, we will have apples ready for purchase.

Promote your Fundraiser

We recommend promoting your fundraiser in advance on your organization's website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). When you promote your fundraiser tag us so we can share the news. Ask our Fundraising Experts about posters and other promotional materials available to support your fundraiser. Don't forget to download these resources to help you promote your fundraiser:
  • Printable Fundraising Poster - TBD
  • Affy Tapple Fundraising Logo - TBD

Be Safe

We always recommend that if you are selling door to door that kids have an adult with them and that no one goes door-to-door without a buddy. Also, don't carry large amounts of money.

Be Prepared for Nutritional Questions

Affy Tapple is a nutritious snack that you can feel good about selling. You may get questions about various allergies, we recommend you review our nutritional and allergy statements in advance of your sale.

Share your Success:

Be sure to celebrate your fundraiser's successes with your customers and participants through newsletters, website updates and via social media. Remember to give special recognition to those that helped deliver the highest sales results. We invite you to share your successes with us and we may feature your organization as one of our Fundraising Success Stories.