Fundraising Success Stories

stbrunoLauren Yeskis - St. Bruno Family School Association

Lauren Yeskis has been on the Family School Association Board for two years and has been very satisfied with her experiences partnering with Affy Tapple for their fundraisers. Here is what Lauren had to say:

"We come back every year because it is one of our most SUCCESSFUL fundraisers. It has been a wonderful experience working with Affy Tapple because the employees are beyond helpful and extremely patient, especially when I have some last minute orders coming in. The delivery people are also extremely kind. The past two years since I have been on the FSA Board Affy Tapple has never been a hassle and I love it! I would gladly recommend Affy Tapple to other schools, churches, and anyone else who is looking to successfully raise money! It is easy as could be!"



Debbie Campos - St. Nicholas of Toletine High School

Debbie Campos has organized the last three Affy Tapple Fundraisers for St. Nicholas of Toletine High School. The school has partnered with Affy Tapple annually since 2003. Debbie shared with us that they choose to partner with Affy Tapple because "It is such a well-known brand and our families truly love the products, so it is an easy fundraiser for us."

She has worked closely with our Fundraising Experts and has this to say about the experience, "Very customer friendly and excellent on the phone. We get great service."



Robert Danielson - Mary Endres Elementary

Affy Tapple has been a fundraising partner of Mary Endres Elementary since 2004. Robert Danielson told us that in 2004 a music teacher brought up the idea of using Affy Tapple to raise money for the music program.

Danielson went on to explain why the come back to Affy Tapple year after year:

Affy Tapple is very easy to work with and delivers a great product. Ordering is always a pleasant experience, and the delivery driver is wonderful. Our students have also come to expect the fundraiser and start asking me from the first day of school when we're selling taffy apples. many of our families have come to see it as a great tradition to start out the season.



Nina Mulyani - Laren Montessori

Laren Montessori has been partnering with Affy Tapple for nearly 40 years. Laren Montessori and Affy Tapple are going into our 39th year of partnering to raise funds for their school. Fundraising partnerships like these are what it is all about.

Nina Mulyani says the loyalty is a result of it being "easy to sell and people love and wait for Affy Tapple season". She went on to comment that "We've been highly satisfied doing business with Affy Tapple for decades."



Amanda Whittenkeller - St. Agnes of Bohemia School

Amanda Whittenkeller helps to organize the fundraisers for St. Agnes of Bohemia School. They are preparing for their fifth year of partnering with Affy Tapple to raise funds for their school.

They sell Affy Tapple products as well as chocolates during the year but say that Affy Tapple is one their biggest sellers. Amanda attributes the success of the Affy Tapple products to the fact that "Our parents and kids get really excited for the Affy Tapple products."

She feels the products have the perfect price point to allow families to order more than one, allowing them to make a strong profit with each sale.